MacBook Air M1 constantly drops wifi connection | problem solved

So I was facing a problem of constantly dropping wifi connection in my new device and after a couple of hours of surfing internet , studying some stack exchange answers of different people and studying from different website i thought that it is a problem of the device itself but there was another side of the problem, which i never thought before.Even I have contacted apple customer care but they have given me some troubleshooting guides in which results are absolutely fine.

Then i thought to check the wifi specification of the device then i found some important information about the wifi encryption protocols and below is the screenshot of that

and the more important thing is given below. more info is given here

previously in my wifi router i was using the Security WPA/WPA2 Mixed mode, which is a outdated protocol now so the new device was dropping wifi connection constantly.

I am using a D-Link wifi router and below are the steps to change the wifi settings.

First update to the latest available firmware version of the router -> Then login into the router dashboard -> Go to the wireless tab -> Change the settings in the Security Options -> Apply and save the settings

so if you facing the wifi problem in any device first check the compatibility of the router and check that is it in their latest firmware versions or not.

I have written this article because i have seen that there is no proper explanations of the solution is available and for that i have faced a lot of problems for around 2 days. If anybody get benefit from the solution then i will be highly obliged.




GSoC’21 participant @CircuitVerse || ETCE Undergrad class of 2023 @Jadavpur University

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Ayan biswas

Ayan biswas

GSoC’21 participant @CircuitVerse || ETCE Undergrad class of 2023 @Jadavpur University

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